Our Story

In January 2017, two friends had an idea. That idea was "Scrapes" the rolled ice cream that's customised to your liking. With Sam having worked in food product devolpment for the past 3 years, he realised a gap in the British market for Rolled ice cream, a Thai phenomenon that has yet to cross seas. With the brains and business knowledge of his best friend Jack they put the idea into motion and so the cogs got turning and Scrapes was born.

And after months of food shows this summer, Scrapes are proud to announce the acquisition of a shop premises! We look forward to serving you from the amazing historic market town of CHESTERFIELD!

We first met, working in our local Costa Coffee back in 2011, in just our first shift together we realised our customer focused potential and within weeks we realised we could run the perfect business together. But it took years for the right idea and financial backing to realise we could bring something unique enough to succeed in the food market and that customers would enjoy over and over again, experimenting with new flavours along the way.

"We attend venues up and down the country, and are available to be booked for your event"


Our service is simple, yet as complicated as you like your ice cream. We have a duel 50cm square pan freezing plate, with two expert ice cream rollers to create your own imagination in an ice cream. The toppings and combinations are near limitless. We attend venues up and down the country, and are available to be booked for your event. Weddings, private functions, festivals, and organised events.